I want to work to give us the safety and cleanliness we deserve. I want to maintain our medical freedoms and preserve our God given rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



Most of my tenure as a police officer was spent patrolling the streets of Los Angeles, and I have seen what “soft on crime” does to a community. I will take tangible steps to protect you and your loved ones from those who choose to victimize others. Part of my plans as Mayor of Long Beach include:

1. Adding lights in dimly lit portions of the city and increasing patrols in high-crime areas.

2. Implementing community service requirements for low-level offenders to help clean and maintain our city. 

3. Improving morale among the police department by increasing interaction and involvement with the community and providing support to the department at the city level.

4. Working with non-profits to provide job training to recently released offenders with the aim of reducing recidivism and reintegrating them back into civil society.

5. Bringing law enforcement policy classes to the public and exploring ways to introduce such curriculum at the high-school level.

6. Maintain and keep all public employees, especially those in public safety.


As a police officer, I have first-hand experience in dealing with the many issues that surround homelessness. I worked with non-profit and city organizations to develop and implement tangible solutions for reducing homelessness. We worked to find temporary shelters and group homes and helped to place many people into long-term affordable housing. As your mayor, I would put my efforts into achieving the following:

1. Continuing to provide resources, information, and housing for homeless residents.

2. Giving partial control and ownership of public sidewalks to residents, building owners, and business owners to dissuade encampments from occupying such spaces.

3. Building shelters and temporary camps which are away from populated areas, and providing the “campers” with rehabilitation, mental health and housing services.

4. Offering job training and ongoing job recruitment to aid homeless residents in getting off the streets and into established housing.


As Long Beach Mayor, I will find ways to eliminate government waste and reduce taxes to residents and business owners by:

1. Cutting unnecessary regulations to businesses and residents.

2. Adjusting city regulations that have led to the closure of small and medium-sized local businesses.

3. Researching how we can best use vacant lots and unused land to reduce blight and benefit citizens.

4. Prioritizing infrastructure projects to make much-needed repairs.


Government has few vital operations, public safety and infrastructure. As your future Mayor I will focus on:

1. Fixing broken streets, sidewalks, and alleys.

2. Seeking ways to end dumping into our ocean and clean our ocean water.

3. Improve our power